Curriculum Level 2

  Beginning ESL Literacy BEST Plus 362-427        
  Topic   intro Reinf Mastery
1 Review the alphabet        
2 Review cardinal numbers        
3 Review how to write one's name in proper order        
4 Review how to tell one's address        
5 To learn ordinal numbers        
6 To learn the order of a list. ( what is first , second ,third ,fourth...and so on)        
7 To learn how to answer other personal information (phone, age, social security etc)        
8 To learn how to correctly respond to simple yes/no questions (see samples)        
9 To learn how to correctly state dates in English        
10 To learn how to write personal information        
11 To practice how to complete bubble answering sheets.        
  Students must master these skills to advance to the next level.        
  Mastery of these topics will be demonstrated by passing a test with a score of 80 or higher.